These Foods And Drinks Are Bad For Breaking Your Fast

If you’re fasting in order to lose weight, then you need to do more than just making yourself starved. It’s because when people do it recklessly, they may only follow the intermittent fasting myths and gain more weight instead of losing them. That’s why in this short article, we are going to share with you the foods and drinks which are not suitable for breaking your fast.

The first food will be junk food. Although they’re very tasty and they can satisfy your craving for delicious foods, they are bad for empty stomachs. If you really do want to eat them, at least fill your stomach with fruits and veggies first, so your body will get more fiber and vitamins first before they accept the junk food after a whole day of fasting. Furthermore, you should avoid breaking your fast with sodas, due to these beverages may damage your digestive organs, especially after it’s being emptied for an entire day.