Most people know Sweet Tomato Restaurant for their wide variety of Green vegetables, fruits and Bakery items. Being a single dad that might be one of the reasons, but I want to discuss why Sweet Tomatoes is a great restaurant to visit with your kids or family. Apart from the Bakery Isle and the Hot pasta isle that my kids adore, there are special prices Sweet Tomatoes restaurant offer for kids aged 12 and under and 6 and under. Besides which kid does not appreciate having a big bowl of macaroni and cheese and plate full of blueberry muffins and chocolate brownie.

Sweet Tomatoes Prices for Kids Under the age of 6

Kinds aged under 2 years of age are free which might not be much of a surprise but kids aged 3 to 6 are only charged $2.99. I have 5year old who absolutely has a blast every time I take him to Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. The Dessert Isle is enough for him to have a great experience but also she loves the macaroni and cheese that is served in the Hot Pasta isle. Get detailed Sweet Tomatoes Prices here. My10 year old also loves to indulge himself with the varieties at the Hot Pasta Isle which includes Baked Sweet Potato and the classic macaroni and cheese. While I enjoy my salads, my kids have a great experience at the dessert isle. I usually make sure that they finish at least a plate of salad before they can indulge themselves with the high calorie intake.

Special Sweet Tomato Prices for Kids Under the Age of 12

Kids under the age of 12 have a special price of $5.99 which is a great deal. This means during lunch hours me and my 2 kids have mouth-watering experience eating for under $20. Besides each of us get to indulge in different sections which more than enough to satisfy all of our families  cravings. The price is $9.49 for adults during the weekdays and during the weekends it only goes up $2 and at $11.79 is still bad at all for a weekend buffet all you can eat place that serves such quality food.

Sweet Tomatoes Buffet also has other special discounts for Seniors It is 10% discount. Finally with all these added benefits I hardly have to think twice before choosing a buffet both during weekdays and weekends.